The Garden of Harmony


Being a Collection


  34 Pieces of Music

f0r the

Piano, Harpsichord or Organ


Violin, Flute, Recorder, Oboe


Violincello or Bassoon 

2nd Edition


 The pieces can be used as Contra-Dance music,etudes and exercises for teachers and students and short concert encore pieces. They range from easy to difficult in level of playing execution. The works are free to use anyway one chooses, but please remember to mention my name as the composer when you use them online or in public performances.

The Complete PDF book is 70 pages in length in printed form. Due to the file size upload restrictions of this site , I have broken the MP3 files into 3 ZIP files. 


(Book and MP3 Files)

in a New, Revised 2nd Edition of 2010

The MP3 Files for reference-----complete collection in 3 Zip files.

Archer Garden Archer Garden
Size : 13.54 Kb
Type : zip
Archer Garden Archer Garden
Size : 13.633 Kb
Type : zip
Archer Garden Archer Garden
Size : 13.291 Kb
Type : zip
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