The Smart Violin Method


Sandy Herrault

A Highly Recommended Violin Method 

for Beginners to Advanced Students of the Violin

A Review of the Method

After extensive review, I highly recommend Ms. Herraults' Smart Violin Method to teachers and students, as well as armature and professional performers alike, respectively. I must say it is a fresh alternative to the usual repertoire that is usually offered today to teachers and students. The high listening quality of the compositions would suit the stage performer in increasing their repertoire, as well. As a professional violinist/fiddle player and teacher myself, I highly stress the use of popular folk melodies and fiddle tunes in my teaching regimen. Folk and fiddle tunes contain elements which not only teach the student good musical forms found in all periods of classical music works, but also fosters and maintains interest in the student towards constructive practicing in general.  As interest is the key to sound learning and sound learning is the key to success in any academic or artistic field of study, The Smart Violin Method offers an intelligent choice for teachers and new musical styles for students of all levels.

Jerald Franklin Archer

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