15 Sonatinas in the Spanish Baroque Style Op. 3 

for the Piano or Harpsichord

Dedicated to

Our Lady of Guadalupe

This work is based on the styles of the Spanish Baroque composers. The pieces are short and range from intermediate to difficult in execution. Recommended for students, teachers and professionals alike.

ArcherOpus3.zip ArcherOpus3.zip
Size : 6.311 Kb
Type : zip

 Here are the MP3 sound files to the above work

Sonatina Espania 1-4.zip Sonatina Espania 1-4.zip
Size : 7.86 Kb
Type : zip
Sonatina Espania 5-8.zip Sonatina Espania 5-8.zip
Size : 10.794 Kb
Type : zip
Sonatina Espania 9-11.zip Sonatina Espania 9-11.zip
Size : 12.48 Kb
Type : zip
Sonatina Espania 12-15.zip Sonatina Espania 12-15.zip
Size : 10.773 Kb
Type : zip
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